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Song Lyrics is a book containing all 19 songs of the musical drama, A Full Life. Lyrics by Samuel Buckley, music by John Charles. The songs explore the story of two lovers in a New York investment bank, and how they are affected by the corporate climate of greed. The book includes a bonus of 10 song lyrics by Samuel Buckley from other plays he has written.
Printed on acid-free, lignin-free archival paper, hand sewn and hardbound with cloth covers and a cloth-bound slipcase. Written by Samuel Buckley, and designed, printed and hand-bound by Roy Murphy. A 57-minute CD of all 18 songs from A Full Life, with performances by five superb singers and a small orchestra, is included.
Published by Phoenix Story Productions llc.

Lyric Samples
Musical: A Full Life

Laura sings "Is This Love?" after meeting Vladimir for the first time in a cheap Irish bar he calls "The Rats' Nest".
"Screwed" is sung by all of the workers when they realize that they are not only being exploited, but they can't do anything about it.

Musical: Burgess the Bushranger

"On Top of the World" is sung by Burgess and his criminal associate Keefe, and their two lovers Julie and Masie, while they are enjoying the riches they have robbed from the Australian goldminers.
Burgess sings "When I Was Young" as he gets more desperate for money in the New Zealand goldfields.

Play: The Lost Ruby Mine

McLean sings "The Ballad of MacGregor and McLean", a story of betrayal during the rebellion in Scotland which supported Charles the Second.

Play: Savage Love

Mahina, a lovely Maori maiden separated from her family, sings "The Moon", adapted from a traditional Maori song, expressing the added suffering she feels from unrequited love.

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