Noir cover
Stories of the darker side of life. The design by Roy Murphy reflects the stark revelation of human folly on display in these pages. Published by Phoenix Story Productions llc.
"Helping Hand": A 500-word cautionary tale on sports surgery.
"Old Man on Broadway" (excerpt): Street life under the bright lights of Broadway.
"Don't Step on Snakes" (excerpt): A gangster takeover with an apparent happy ending.
I am convinced you couldn't find a better story about a fellow getting his brains blown out.      - Nicholas Lorimer
"The Collaborators" (subtitled: "A parable for the film industry"): The perils of one-sided collaborations.

Children's Stories

Luye's World Cover
Luye's World tells ten delightful stories about the adventures of a young four-year-old child, Luye, and the strange, frightening and wonderful things that happen around her. Samuel Buckley told them to his daughter to get her to sleep. Luye drew the illustrations while she was in kindergarten, and many of them closely reflect the stories. The large format design by Roy Murphy was chosen to show off the beauty of the childhood drawings.
Luye was aged between 3 and 5 at the time she heard the stories and when she drew most of the illustrations, and aged 8 when she wrote her poems.
Published by Phoenix Story Productions llc.
Luye's World is quite beautiful. I love the easy movement between the deliberately mundane and child-approachable world ... to the fantastical - which is paradoxically just as real and plausible. The almost continuous transitions between the adult world and the vivid imaginative reality of childhood are presented as gently as a breeze.      - Nicholas Lorimer

Arm illustration
"Luye Makes the Dragon Laugh"
"Luye Frees the Wicked Witch"
"Luye Tickles the Fish"
"Luye Angers the Prince of Ducks"
"Luye Chews Magic Gum"
"Luye Flies with the Eagle"
"Luye Hears Noises in the Dark"
"Luye Gets Tricked & Treated"
"Luye Washes the Ugly Frog"
"Luye Weathers the Big Storm"
Two Poems by Luye

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