Musical: A Full Life CD

A Full Life tells the love story of Laura, a beautiful young woman, and Vladimir, a ladies' man. They work in the computer graphics department of a New York investment bank in 1999 (the height of the dot com frenzy). Laura attempts to copy the culture of greed she sees at the top of the management tree, and descends deep into the darker realms of the human spirit.
Soprano/Alto   Leah Horowitz (Laura)
Tenor   Sam Van Ness (Vladimir)
Baritone   Warren Kelley (Huntleigh)
Tenor   Philip Chaffin (Jonah)
Tenor   Michael Johnson (Lucky)
Musical Director/Instruments   Steven Katz
Producer   Roy Murphy
Distributed by Phoenix Story Productions llc
Five singers and a small orchestra brilliantly perform all 18 songs of the musical drama A Full Life. Book and lyrics by Samuel Buckley, music composed by John Charles.
Act One
A Truth You Can't Ignore   4'00"
Suicide   3'11"
Is This Love?   2'14"
What's Going On   2'47"
When Love Begins   2'16"
Moguls of Business   2'07"
The Power of Prayer   5'16"
Love's an Addiction   4'16"
Act Two
Stranger in a Stranger Land   3'33"
I Could Fall in Love with You   3'17"
Just Because He's Boss   1'59"
When I First Saw Her   2'31"
Screwed   3'00"
Tell the Truth   2'04"
Happiness Will Come to Me   2'09"
Respect the Dead   2'54"
Together   3'40"
The Power of Love   4'25"
The 57-minute CD has all 18 songs of A Full Life performed by five superb singers and a five-piece band.
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