Excerpt: A Full Life
Scene One

The graphics department of an international investment bank.
LAURA: She comes over to Vladimir and Jonah, checking out the desk tops. Anyone got a spare document stand?
JONAH: I've got a one-night stand if you're interested.
LAURA: Have you got any money?
JONAH: Offended. I was talking about having fun, not getting serious.
LAURA: Broke, eh. You have to pay to have fun in this town.
JONAH: I know it doesn't pay to get serious.
VLADIMIR: Hastily. Jonah does have a credit card.
LAURA: Looks at Vladimir, then looks him up and down. And what have you got?
VLADIMIR: Pleasantly flustered. Uh, I have a friend. This is Jonah.
LAURA: And what do they call you?
JONAH: Bitterly. I call him Vlad the Impaler. So watch out.
LAURA: Ignoring Jonah. Do you usually wear plaid pants, Vlad?
VLADIMIR: With mock gallantry. If you don't like them I could always take them off.
LAURA: Laughs. There's no hurry, big boy.

Leah Horowitz sings "Is This Love?"
Leah Horowitz sings

Sam Van Ness (below) and Michael Johnston sing "Screwed"
Sam Van Ness sings

The 57-minute CD has all 18 songs of A Full Life performed by five superb singers (including those above) and a five-piece band.
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